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Rotary Table Speeds Production

Rotary Table Speeds Production

Precise Machining & Manufacturing LLC has been machining complex aerospace parts at its Tulsa, Okla., facility since 1974. The company has worked on major programs for customers such as Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems and the Triumph Group. When Precise was looking for a 5-axis solution, it selected a Tsudakoma 12” (304.8mm) Model RBA-320K from Koma Precision Inc., East Windsor, Conn.

Rotary Table Handles Big Oil Field Parts

Rotary Table Handles Big Oil Field Parts

Workpieces for the oil field can take many shapes and sizes. Parts that are long, heavy, and awkward to handle for turning, milling, and then finish turning are not uncommon. RTI Energy Systems (Spring, TX) a subsidiary of RTI International Metals, was able to expand its machining capabilities by acquiring a Tsudakoma RNCV1501 1.5-m NC rotary table from Koma Precision Inc.

Cycle Effiency

Cycle Efficiency

Automated machining processes enable this maker of high-performance mountain bike parts to manufacture efficiently with minimal staff.

5-Axis Machining with Rotary Tables

5Axis Machining with Rotary Table

Fanuc 5-axis machining offers a number of benefits; reducing setups, machining complex contours, eliminating or decreasing additional finishing work. 5-axis machines are more readily available, but a new 5-axis machine tool still requires a sizable investment. Instead of purchasing a new 5-axis machine tool, resourceful manufacturers opt to upgrade an existing machining center by adding a 5th or 4th & 5th axis rotary table.

Machining the BIG Stuff

Machining Big Stuff
GE Energy’s Peterborough plant manufactures synchronous high speed and low speed motors, induction (asynchronous) motors and generators. The major markets that use its motors include the oil and gas, power and energy, and mining industries. The high speed and low speed motors are produced in one machine shop on the east side of the plant, while the induction motors and generators are produced in another machine shop in the west side of the sprawling 1.5 million sq manufacturing facility.