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New RDS Series Direct Drive Rotary Tables from Tsudakoma

June 9, 2016

RDS Series Direct Drive

Tsudakoma, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision rotary tables has developed the new RDS Series direct drive rotary tables. This series utilizes Tsudakoma’s proprietary direct drive motor system enabling the rotary table to achieve high speed and acceleration with no backlash. The RDS-200 model is a compact single axis 150 rpm direct drive rotary table with indexing accuracy of ±10 arc seconds and a strong pneumatic braking system.

New Line of 4th and 5th Axis rotary tables from Tsudakoma 

June 6, 2016

4th and 5th Axis Rotary Table

KOMA Precision, Inc. introduces a new line of high accuracy, high rigidity, energy saving and zero maintenance rotary tables from Tsudakoma, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision rotary tables.
The new Ball Drive System Technology features high speed indexing and zero backlash that result in shorter cycle times. This new technology also delivers the industries’ highest torque transmission efficiency.

Alberti’s Smartchange Tools: Quick, Precise And Easy

May 23, 2016

Alberti’s Smartchange Tools

Alberti’s SmartChange System provides quick-changing, live-tooling capability for mill turn lathes.   The cost-effective units have a low profile with no additional projection to reduce the chance of interference with machines’ enclosures. The easy-to-use design creates three points of contact between the driven tool holder spindle and tool holder output surfaces.  This triple contact design eliminates the compromise in concentricity and rigidity to gain the speed and convenience of quick-change tooling.    To further increase productivity, the SmartChange System allows for tools to be externally preset.

Alberti’s High Performance Turboflex Spindles Achieve High Speed Machining Operations

April 19, 2016

Turboflex Spindles

During machining, high speed is often associated with heat generation. But with the Alberti air driven turboflex spindles it’s possible to reach 60,000 RPM without overheating the tool. They are available as a straight or 90° tool.
These high performance spindles can be easily installed on the machine through a special stop block and controller unit connected to the NC. ATC spindle designs can be integrated to automated tool change systems to provide faster tool changes and increased productivity.

Custom Designed Special Angle Heads from Alberti

March 15, 2016

Custom Designed Special Angle Heads
These special application heads fit all industries across the board. For over 35 years, Alberti has been providing the most innovative range of products that are extremely reliable and enable manufacturing to strict tolerances.
Fixed angle heads, offset angle heads, multiple output heads, long reach angle heads are just a few examples of Alberti’s design and manufacturing capabilities.

Introducting New Offset Heads from Alberti

Feb 18, 2016

New Offset Heads
The new series of offset heads feature a combination of high pressure coolant through the main spindle up to 100 bar with increased RPM and high speed option. Another big advantage is the possibility of dry running during machining, something that wasn’t available in the past and gives tremendous value to the new TOP LINE range. These heads are a result of Alberti’s persistent research & development and attempt to deliver continuous improvement.

Introducing High Power Alberti Angle Heads

Jan 12, 2016

High Power
The new Linea P High Power angle heads have a completely new design and improved capacity. TCU-8 and TCU-10 can be adjusted to -105° to +105° with a digital display of the angle. They also feature an internal coolant capability. Despite the size, these heads can reach higher RPMs while maintaining consistent temperatures. This line features a high performance, double torque version that enriches the HP angle heads family.  

Introducing New Line of Alberti Angle Heads

June 29, 2015

New TH Angle Head Line
The TH line of angle heads is targeted for Aerospace parts manufacturing. The angle head casting is made from GS 600 stabilized spheroidal cast iron that enables the tool to perform optimally. The GS 600 alloy provides increased thermal stability and rigidity compared to materials such as steel and aluminum. The most important feature of this line is that the TH Series angle heads can be run with or without coolant, without making any changes to the installation.

Introducing a New Series of Tsudakoma Rotary Tables

July 1, 2014

New Rotary Table
KOMA Precision, Inc. introduces a new line of high accuracy, high rigidity, energy saving and zero maintenance rotary tables from Tsudakoma, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, precision rotary tables.   The RG Series rotary tables are built using the new ball drive system featuring advantages like zero backlash, improved cycle times, energy conservation and a lifetime adjustment-free transmission system.

Now Equipped to Utilize More Workholding Systems

March 30, 2012

Utilize more Work holding Systems
Tsudakoma's RTT-111,CA, distributed through KOMA Precision, Inc., is a high speed, drop trunnion, tilting rotary table that is engineered with workholding flexibility in mind. The RTT-111,CA is now equipped to utilize even more commercial systems including system 3R and Erowa chuck and pallet systems; as well as Northfield’s 5C collet closer, 2 Jaw and 3 Jaw chucks and Hirschmann’s chuck and pallet system.  The RTT-111, CA can also be equipped to include a standard faceplate.