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  • Thermically stabilized steel structure
  • Heavy duty, high work load capacity side supports
  • Tempered steel, high precision tool sleeve with reference planes
  • Mechanical axis lock
  • Fine micrometric adjustment
  • Linear guides with preloaded re-circulating bearings slides on X axis
  • High rigidity, abrasion resistance, double column in extruded Argal
  • High precision double linear rails
  • Measurement through high precision magnetic strip
  • Resolution 0.01
  • Precision : 0.03 mm
  • Repeatability : 0.01 mm
  • Z axis display: monocromatic high visibility LCD display
  • X axis display: monocromatic high visibility LCD display
  • 4 mutlifunction buttons on both display
  • 4 machine origins can be memorized
  • Battery operated
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The high resistance steel base and the battery operated display allow the P368M to be placed anywhere with maximum flexibility. This allows for precise tool setting without the hassle of electric, air connections or specific support tables.


Ideal for accurate presetting right next to the machine. The P368M is the first step towards tool presetting in the production line. It is also the perfect, versatile measure instrument for those who already have a presetter in their tool room. The P368M makes measuring tool radius, diameter and height extremely easy.


The P368M has a solid base and provides smooth and accurate linear movements. It was designed to make tool and height management as simple as possible and always accurate. The digital display is clear, simple and easy to read, and has the ability to memorize up to 4 machine origins.


With an oversized linear guide with preloaded re-circulating bearing slides, you will always get accurate movements and precise measurements.


Tool sleeves are created using a solid block of hardened steel with a hardness rating of 60HRC. With the P368M, it is easy to change from one type of tool sleeve to another, without the use of adapters or reductions. (ISO, BT, HSK, VDI, SHAFT etc.)