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Koma Precision Calibration


Koma Precision now offers laser calibration for multi-axis mills and lathes.

We’ve added the industry-leading team from Design Resource & Service, ensuring the most precise machine tool diagnostics and calibration available.

We also offer fast, practical ballbar testing to assess machine performance. A ballbar test either before or after calibration shows the resulting circularity of the axes, including identifying the components that affect circularity. A great diagnostic tool to ensure that your machine is performing as it should.

Laser calibration

What We Deliver


Detailed information outlining the positioning accuracy if each machine axis.


Adjustments to available control compensation features including backlash and pitch error compensation.


A full report and dated calibration sticker for each machine completed. Non-conformance recommendations provided after evaluation.

Why Koma Precision Calibration?

Experience. Our calibration expert brings more than a decade of experience testing/measuring and calibrating hundreds of machines.

Precision. Our Renishaw laser interferometer equipment delivers high accuracy measurement of 2- through 5+ axis mills (including rotary axes), and lathes, with display resolution to .0000001” and ±0.5 ppm accuracy.

Confidence. Good production planning relies on understanding your equipments’s tolerance capabilities. Koma delivers the capability data you need to avoid scrap and rework.

Minimized Downtime. Your machines aren’t making money if they’re not making accurate parts. We will work with you to ensure your machines are tested / calibrated and back online quickly.