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Introducing the
KMA-60 SmartLoader

Simple. Compact. Flexible.

Slash setup times with pre-loaded work pallets, eliminate downtime between parts, run unattended shifts and maximize production.

The Koma SmartLoader boasts an intuitive interface, space-saving footprint, and high-mix capability.

Focus on what matters most – profitability.

Key Benefits

Eliminate downtime between part changes

Optimize production including high-mix workloads

Precision part repeatability

Run lights-out / unmanned shifts

Compact and efficient design maximizes space

Increased capacity handling (up to 60 parts)

Convenient front access for loading and unloading

Streamlined control interface

Made Easy

Our intuitive interface is designed to deliver everything you need in a few taps.

Quickly choose loading positions and
programs. Define an entire identical part run or easily set the part mix that delivers the results you need. A dashboard overview gives you status of all parts at a glance.

Part runs have never been easier!

Key Components

Precision 4-axis robot arm with 44lb / 20kg lifting capacity

Schunk gripper

Compact three-disc part feed system

Heavy – duty durable touch-screen control

Streamlined quick-programming interface

Expert installation and on-site training available

SmartLoader with no front door

The SmartLoader is side-mounted, leaving your machine unobstructed.

Small Footprint
High Capacity

40” x 79” footprint
81.2” height

3 Size Multi Configurable
Pallet System

The Koma SmartLoader is compatible with the 52mm and 96mm 5th Axis RockLock™, HWR SOLIDPoint®, and Lang Quick-Point® workholding systems.

Single Pull Stud Pallet
UP TO 20 per disk (tot. 60)

52 x 52 mm. / 2 x 2 in.
UP TO 14 per disk (tot. 42)

96 x 96 mm. / 3.7 x 3.7 in.
UP TO 10 per disk (tot. 30)

SmartLoader pallet system