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Uniko Lite

  • Thermically stabilized steel structure
  • Tempered steel, high precision tool sleeve with reference notch
  • Glass optical scales, SP class precision linear guides
  • Optional CVS user-friendly multilingual software
  • Vertical 19" Wide Screen Monitor
  • HD camera
  • 40x magnifications and 5 x 5 field of view
  • Mechanical axis lock
  • Fine micrometric adjustment
  • Tool sleeve rotation brake
  • USB hub and LAN connectivity
  • Windows® operating system with data back-up system
  • Storage of 200 machine origins and 40,000 tools
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The Uniko Lite presetter was designed with an ergonomic micrometric hand wheel allowing for easy fine adjustment of the presetter’s optics. A “zero gravity” support column allows smooth, effortless movement of the camera optics in both X and Z.


Fully equipped and easy to use, the Uniko Lite offers a user-friendly intuitive interface, allowing for easy setting of tools and inspection. Easily check tool geometry using one of the auto measuring functions, and quickly send tool offsets direct to CNC controls using the optional post-processor.


Simple and intuitive, the optional CVS Smart software is easy to use. All functions are easy to find and are shown using simple graphical icons. It has never been easier or faster to set your tooling. Create tool lists and generate tool offsets in minutes with the CVS Smart software.


Material choice is at the heart of Constant Geometry Technology. Using only like materials with an identical thermal expansion coefficient, we can guarantee constant presetter geometry in all working conditions.


The Uniko Lite is built with dual SP Precision guides and preloaded recirculating bearings mounted to a stabilized steel base ground to 2 microns of planarity. 1-micron glass optical scales are used to ensure the highest accuracy of tool measurements.


Easy to use software combined with a 19” monitor provides the operator with full control. Easily select any of the presetters measuring options with one click while still viewing the edge of the cutting tool.